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The Orchid Hotel, Balewadi in collaboration with Jatan Sansthan is all set to adopt and adapt a sustainable yet innovative initiative towards a healthier and safer environment. Keeping in mind the growing concern pertaining to proper disposal and waste management of conventional sanitary pads. Jatan Sanstan, Udaipur has launched their campaign – UGER, which aims at  the promotion of sustainable and 100% bio-degradable sanitary napkins.

In the current scenario surrounding sanitary napkins, they photo degrade which ultimately go down the drains and eventually cause blockage, Napkins once disposed contain toxic chemicals, chlorine, and hazardous amounts of plastics which pose great danger to humans and to the environment.

Commenting on the initiative – Mr.Om Prakash from Jatan Sanstan said “ it’s high time, the patriarchal society breaks the monotony surrounding menstruation and men actively take part to accept the reality and make it an inclusive society to live reflecting the power and respect given to women” .

UGER, the campaign aims at the introducing a one -of-its-kind set of sanitary napkins which is comfortable and economically viable for its users. The initiative keeps in mind the primary objective which focuses on a more holistic approach towards the disposal issue, aiming at it being least pollutant element in the society, thereby integrating and equating it with a cleaner and sustainable environment for the generations to come

Inspired and motivated by the initiative the management of The Orchid Hotel, Balewadi said “This is truly a superb initiative towards both the society and the environment, we are happy to be a part of the movement and aim at launching it among our women staff at the hotel”

The Orchid Hotel, Balewadi sticking true to their title of being the nation’s first Ecotel have joined hands with Jatan Sanstan to launch this initiative, powering and synergizing their path towards a pollutant- free environment.

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