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After tasting success with doctors and clinics, Pune-headquartered startup SMINQ, today announced the launch of its new global consumer app Sminq-World’s Places. Live Now. Earlier you could get live information of only clinics on Sminq (now with a 500000+ strong user base & presence at 150+ premium clinics in 4 cities across the country), but the new app now empowers users to share such live information for any place across the globe.

Sminq is a community driven platform that broadcasts real time information from places around the world. Whether it is what music is playing at a club, to what is the chef’s special this evening, to how crowded is it at the nearest museum, Sminq is the platform to share and access this information, real-time. With options of text, photo and even short 15 sec video updates, users can choose their style to broadcast what is live at that place at that very moment. With content that expires 24 hours from the time it was posted, the feed remains up to date. The company has taken the onus of curating content and ensuring that no fake content makes its way to the platform. It does so by verifying the location of each post. The community can also down vote a post or mark it as fake or irrelevant. The company has plans to add many more such features to ensure the accuracy of information.


Sminq is powered by users and all information on the platform is managed by its community. The company has currently opened up (in limited numbers) entries for local champions across cities, globally. Local champions apart from enjoying certain special privileges and rights are also early adopters and torchbearers who make their city go live on the platform.

Initial cities that are currently vibrant on the app are Bangalore and Pune, but the app being a multilingual, global platform, is built to accept users from anywhere around the globe.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Shachin Bharadwaj, Co-Founder and CEO, SMINQ said, “The internet today offers us information that is static in the form of either reviews, ratings or addresses and phone numbers. But we live in the now and make impulsive decisions on where to go.  Real-time information of what is happening now at the place you want to go is a critical piece of information that is missing on the internet.

Which is the most happening pub tonight, what are today’s market rates for grocery, how crowded is my gym / swimming pool today… answers to these and many such real-time information can be shared and discussed on Sminq.

On Sminq we want users to broadcast real time information of places and help their friends and users at large make better informed decisions before they head out so that there are no spoilers.”

SMINQ was formed in 2015 by Shachin Bharadwaj, Santhosh Nagarajan and Sheldon D’Souza after the success of their first venture TastyKhana.com. With SMINQ their vision is to create a real-time information network of places around the world. It is committed to address sensitive issues like incessant trolling, abusive/bad content and excessive data usage. All the information that a user posts on the app disappears in 24 hours making it a safe platform for a user without the fear of getting trolled or abused for his posts. The app is built to ensure that data is never saved on your phone, thus keeping one’s device clutter free.

What makes SMINQ unique?
  • Real-time Information of places
Sminq before you head out and know the now.
  • Here today. Gone tomorrow.
Information expires in 24hrs, discourages trolling.
  • No more muted groups –
Access information only when you need it. Pull info & not get pushed (to your devices )
  • No more follower pressures –
SMINQ community only values your relevant content.
  • No more abusive/bad content –
Community nurtured to ensure relevant information

To download the app use the below link:



About SMINQ-

After the success of their first venture TastyKhana.com, Shachin Bharadwaj, Santhosh Nagarajan and Sheldon D’Souza co-founded SMINQ in 2015 with an aim to broadcast live information of places around you. SMINQ is on a mission to help the world know what is ‘Live Now’ at places around the world. SMINQ debuted with doctors and clinics broadcasting live status of the patients in queue. It has been successful with a 500,000+ strong user base operational in Mumbai, Pune & Nasik at 150+ premium clinics.

SMINQ as a global platform allows users to

  • Discover which places are trending around the world and around you at this minute
  • Follow places to get the latest updates of their most visited places
  • Peek into a place virtually and know what’s happening. Tweak your plans if you need to.
  • Help others with a snippet of the place you are at
  • Mark information as helpful, irrelevant or incorrect
  • Share what’s new with friends, family and peers across the world

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