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August 2018: When you think about Hong Kong, the first thought that probably comes to mind is the delicious food. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting for the first time or the fifth, eating is an important part of experiencing Hong Kong.

The city is teeming with wonderful surprises for travellers but if you are vegetarian you might think there’s are not much options for you?

Well if you do, then don’t worry, you won’t have to pack ready to eat meals with you on a trip to Hong Kong because unknown to most, Hong Kong is packed with vivid vegetarian dining options.
With both locals and travelers demanding more sustainable and plant based foods, Hong Kong has embraced the vegan movement with vegetarian restaurants springing up in every area.
So, all you need is a little planning to visit these places:

Maxim’s Palace, Harbor

Your trip to Hong Kong will not be complete without trying out dim sums! A Hong Kong classic and quintessential breakfast and lunch item, dim sums are not just food but an essential part of the city’s culture. One of the best places to enjoy a full blown dim sum experience is Maxim’s Palace. Known commonly as City Hall among locals after its flagship outlet, the restaurant is one of the last remaining dim sum halls. It is one of the few places where you can still find the dying art of serving dim sums on trolleys where there is no fixed menu.

Chi Lin Nunnery, Kowloon

Built in the 1930’s in the style of the Tang dynasty, the Chi Lin Nunnery is one of the most beautiful monasteries in Hong Kong. Located on Diamond Hill, this Buddhist temple complex is a peaceful retreat from the bustling city with beautiful wooden architectural structures, serene lotus ponds and treasured Buddhist relics.

Grassroots Pantry, Hollywood Road

Source-Grasshopper Pantry

One of the most progressive restaurants that emerged in recent years is Grassroots. The restaurant was founded by Chef Peggy Chan, one of the earliest practitioners of the concept of farm to table and a strong advocate of ‘conscious eating’ and vegan foods. When you glance through the menu you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and creativity of the food items. The menu is concise with dishes are made with organic ingredients. The dishes represent a twist on modern and classic recipes such as Lemon Chia Seed Pancakes, Pulled Jackfruit Nachos, Dragon Maki Roll made of eggplant and avacado, Shitake Gnocchi and Plant Cheeseboard.

Leisurely Veggie, Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay excels in both variety of cuisines and tasty, scrumptious food. They serve everything from Japanese hand-rolls to dim sum and linguine, plus an extensive selection of delectable desserts to finish your meal with. For a delicious Asian twist to your veggies that’s also great value for money drop into Leisurely Veggie while vacationing in Hong Kong.

Source- ANI

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