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August 2018:

  ‘Touch A Life develops creative ways to bring healing and empowerment to those who are suffering, exploited, and at-risk around the world. We can create a platform where each individual who wants to help, who wants to work for the betterment but does not have a proper channel can easily contribute by joining us.’ They quote

 Touch A Life Foundation was started by Mr. Naresh and Mrs. Seema Surana in 2017 to serve their country.

 Mr. & Mrs. Surana have been doing social work for over 10 years. In the last 5 years they started to focus on rural areas in India and specifically surveying the education system available there.

 With the help of TALF team members Neha Pawar, Riddhi Surana, Manoj Mishra, they put together multiple groups to start a project called ‘Books For Change’. 

 In 2016, Several groups like Sarjan Charity Foundation- Hong Kong, Panama Foundation, With Love, For You Charitable Foundation – Pune, etc. came together to survey, study and donate text books to rural villages. The government provides free education only till Standard 8th, which leads to maximum student dropouts in standard 9th and 10th in these remotely located underprivileged schools.

 While working on the project Mr. Surana realized that the sector needed immediate action and drawbacks were caused because of lack of uniformity or common platform. He realized some had the money to donate, while some had the time to work and others had the resources required but there is no platform to bring them together. That’s when his 10 years of social work and experience was put together and he formed ‘Touch A Life Foundation’.

 Seema Surana co-founder adds, “The aim of Touch A Life, by making an online portal is to provide remotely located schools and students the infrastructure to remain connected with us. While the donors, NGOs, schools, volunteers, etc. will be connected to the portal too, we can ensure that the children are provided education and health care and in future, support with employment recruiting, to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.”

 Neha Pawar confirms that by June 2018, TALF has managed to reach 3000 students with ‘Books For Change’ project and 6000 ladies through ‘Thankyou Mom’ project in villages of Beed, Satara, Saswad & Junnar. 

 In the up coming year the foundation aims at creating ID cards for each student which holds their unique identification number that shares all their details associated with TALF. Through these ID cards which will have QR code, each delivery of books or any other service provided to the students can be tracked digitally. 

 Founder Naresh Surana says, “We are a drop in the ocean of hope and possibility and only when more people like us can come together, we can make ‘change’ happen. Our vision is to create a world where every child grows up to reach their full potential; healthy, educated and protected. We are trying to reach the corporate companies for partnership to serve the majority, as the number of people who need help in India is very large. With my work experience we aim to sync the available resources and create a sharing economy for social work leading to a greater impact for a better tomorrow.”

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