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January 2020 : The recent news of fake certificate frauds like  –


  • ‘MBA admission fraud rocks Pune University’ ‘Ex-Principal Held For Selling Fake Certificates To Criminals’,
  • ‘60 Government School Teachers Suspended For Fake Certificates’, ‘Minister being probed for Fake Degree Scam’,
  • ‘750 Village Heads Allegedly Faked Their Mark sheets to Get Elected in Rajasthan’,
  • ‘Principal Held for Issuing Fake Certificate’, ‘Recruitment of nearly 40,000 teachers with fake degrees probed in one single state’has been published in various leading media and the list is endless.

“Fake degree frauds are prevalent in India for quite a long time. There are about 2500 fake Universities issuing Certificates, out of which 24 fake universities are already identified by UGC”, says Amol Umranikar a leading Verification Expert.


Thousands of companies, institutions and various organisations are issuing fake certificates and these fake certificates are openly sold online for just Rs.20,000.   (https://www.diplomacompany.in/buy-fake-certificates.html). “Fake job rackets are cheating thousands of job aspirants. It is estimated that nearly 30% resumes contain false or misleading information. As per reports from agencies, 10-20% discrepancies are discovered during background screening of the new hires”, adds Avnish Gupta, Executive Director, Enemtech Capital.


As per various stats fraudulent documents cause an organization to lose an average 6% of its human resources. 30% of the employee’s annual salary is the average cost of one bad hire. “Being totally a manual process currently, it takes upto two months for certificate verification and multiple layers of agents are involved in one verification, thus, making it unreliable. Data security and privacy is a big concern. Technology, especially Blockchain, can play a big role in overcoming these challenges.”, says Naresh Jain, Co-founder, Snapper.


“Snapper Future Tech has developed a  technology platform ‘SnapCert’ for secured generation, digitization, authentication, sharing and verification of certificates based on Blockchain and AI ensuring fully secured storage of certificates. Snapper’s SnapCert completely automates Certificate generation, distribution and verification process. Any kind of certificates like academic, caste, experience, citizen and various Govt Certificates can be issued by any academic, private and government bodies and can be verified instantly by anybody in an encrypted environment through SnapCert platform. SnapCert is a revolutionary Blockchain based Platform which is as seamless as an iphone”, explains Prashant Surana, a Blockchain and Cybersecurity Innovator.


“Blockchain is purely a Smart Data Infrastructure Technology enabling automation of Contracts, secured transfer, monitor and exchange of assets powering Internet of Value. It is truly a game changer not only for Real Estate Industry but for the entire Data Economy”, adds Darshana Parmar, Chairperson CREDAI Women’s Wing.


About Snapper 

Snapper is India’s leading blockchain technology development and innovation company focused on building “Internet of value” since 2016. Part of US based Enemtech Capital Group, Snapper team brings in vast and diverse industry experience. Snapper core strength lies in delivering solutions, which are easy to integrate with minimum disruptions to the existing systems, therefore delivering high performance, efficient, scalable and secured Blockchain solutions. Snapper has built many products and solutions across various industries BFSI, Healthcare, Supply Chain and E-Governance.

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