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Yoga is one of the most popular exercises in the world. The word “Yoga” has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Yug” which means to connect. It is a practice aiming to improve health and the functions of the brain. People who do yoga on a daily basis tend to be more healthy. International Yoga Day is observed on 21st June every year since its establishment in the United Nations Assembly. This day is celebrated globally by organising activities like Yoga competition, Training on yoga and delivering lectures on the benefits of yoga to spread awareness.

As per the United Nations, the theme for 2020 is “Yoga for health – Yoga at home.” According to a report by Times Now, this theme has been used by the Government of India as a campaign to encourage people to practice it at home and stay healthy during the coronavirus outbreak. The report also says a session will be telecasted on Doordarshan on 21st June, 6:30 am onwards. The Prime Minister of India has addressed the nation to practice yoga at home amidst the pandemic. He set the theme as “Yoga at home – Yoga with family.” The need for a strong immune system has been realized by the people of India and yoga can be a great medium to boost body immunity and give a healthy lifestyle. He also says that to make our respiratory system strong one should practice “pranayama” on a daily basis.

Today’s generation is more inclined to stay fit by following different diet routines. Most physicians advise to practice yoga early in the morning as it is less noisy, brings peace and relaxes the mind. Yoga has proven to be something beyond that a simple practice. It has the power to connect the mind with the soul. This feature helps individuals to have control over their feelings and emotions. Yoga also helps to keep people positive and motivated.

Yoga comes in different forms. Every form of yoga has the word “Asana” in it which means posture. Some of the forms of yoga are Padmasana (Lotus Position), Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Tadasana (Mountain position), Vrikshasana (Tree Position), Trikonasana (Triangle Position) and many more. These positions are mainly related to nature, animals, objects which help the body to be flexible and acts as a stress reliever.

In today’s technical lifestyle where people are running from stressful office work to household chores, it brings a mental disturbance to individuals. With COVID-19 spreading across the world and lockdown being imposed, people are unable to attend gym training. Practicing yoga can help them to reduce stress, stay fit and healthy. Nowadays depression, stress and anxiety are very common symptoms seen in individuals. Meditation or yoga helps to manage these symptoms as it teaches the brain to focus on one particular moment. It has been considered as a kind of medical treatment.

The main idea of practicing yoga is to keep the mind and the body relaxed and connected to nature which brings in positivity and self-control.

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