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8-year-old Adwita tugs at all the heartstrings with her innocent voice

Music can be one of the most powerful weapons to convey and communicate ideas and thoughts. The lockdown has multiple inspiring and interesting stories and one such is the story of a daughter taking creativity to the next level. A daughter lights up the entire family with joy just like Adwita Kamle, daughter of gospel music maestro Dr. Amit Kamle, Glorify Christ. The teaser of the gospel song was released on Daughter’s Day, on 28th September.

Presented by Mrs. Pornima Kamle, Dr. Amit Kamle’s “Yahova”, is a melodious gospel song sung and composed by a daughter, Adwita Amit Kamle. The music, lyrics are penned and conceptualized by Dr. Amit, who guided Adwita on the pronunciation and delivery! It’s a simple yet highly impactful track and sets the tone for the magic that follows. Indeed a commendable achievement for an 8-year-old.

Dr. Amit’s Kamle’s soulful renditions of gospel music have thrilled and brought a variety of emotions including faith, hope, and also tears of joy to the eyes of countless listeners. He says, “When Adwita said ‘Dadda’ I have made a new tune, I heard it and thought it is a very divine and fresh melody. I then started working on writing the words. I have chosen the Hebrew names for the Lord combining them with their Hindi meanings. It will be an interesting song for everyone.”

Pornima added, “It gives me immense joy and pride to present Adwita through Yahova song. I am very happy that she is making rightful use of her talent from her young age”.

A.K.International Tourism conducts holy land tours to Israel. The Yahova Song is released worldwide on the auspicious occasion of Yom Kippur, also known as Day of Atonement. According to tradition, it is on Yom Kippur that God decides each person’s fate, so Jews are encouraged to make amends and ask forgiveness for sins committed during the past year.

Link of the song :


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