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Pune: Indira School of Business Studies (ISBS) has organized an international conference on the theme of “Start ups India-A Spectrum of Sustainable Opportunities” – ‘Abhinavan 2018’ under the abled guidance of Dr. Tarita Shanakar, Chairperson, IGI and Prof. Chetan Wakalakr, Group Director, IGI. The conference focused the probable opportunities for start ups in India at the campus of Indira School of Business Studies. This conference aimed at guiding students of business management courses about start ups and a spectrum of sustainable opportunities.

Many renowned speakers from India and abroad have shared their thoughts on the future of start ups in India, the probable approach of entrepreneurs toward the business, the skills required to be an entrepreneur etc. Prof. Dr. Anand Kurian, Management development institute of Singapore was the Chief Guest of the event.

Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar, Founder-Potentials and Possibilities Mentor at The Center for innovation, incubation & Enterprise at IIM Ahmadabad, Ms Jelfie Achandy, Principle Consultant Dearm Catcher Group India and Canada, Chimay Khole – General Manager Tata Cummins Ltd, Dr. Vikas Joshi, founder and CEO- Harbinger Group, Mr. Harshwardhan Gune, Head Strategic Products Division Worldwide Oilfield Machine India, Mr. Vinayak Jadhaw Founder & Director Thinking Hut IT Solutions, Mr. Chanakya Joshi, Founder GetAConnect.in, Mr. Jayant Tambade, Partner ITpreneur, Data Syastem Pvt Ltd were amongst the distinguished speakers for the event.

Dr Renu Bhargava, Director Indira School of Business Studies delivered welcome address. She emphasized on helping the students to sharpen their minds to lean towards becoming entrepreneur through the conference to help every student who wants to start their own business.” Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, Group Director-IGI made opening remarks and discussed about future of entrepreneurship.

Chief Guest of the event Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) Prof. Dr Anand Kurian said “There is a slight difference in entrepreneurship and Management. An entrepreneur can be a good manager but every manager can’t be a good entrepreneur; that is why the training must be different in both cases.” He further stated that “we help every budding entrepreneur by giving them educational scholarship to nurture their skill required for doing business. We also provide them the contacts of possible investors which can help them in fund raising.” “Now days in India start ups are lacking with ideas and business model due to new governmental policies fund is not big issue.” He added
Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar, Founder-Potentials and Possibilities Mentor at The Center for innovation, incubation & Enterprise at IIM Ahmadabad he deliver his speech on Indian Entrepreneur should think original. While explain this he said that “an entrepreneur should bring new ideas of business, study them, nurture them and present them in a polished manner. After the economic slowdown in 2008 the start opportunities have grown in India everyone should take advantage of these opportunities.”

Ms Jelfie Achandy, Principle Consultant Dream Catcher Group India and Canada said “For entrepreneur the passion for their business idea can be work as a fuel of success. It doesn’t matter if you do not succeed at the first step but through the passion for your ideas you can innovate new tactics, procedure and acquire new skill for the success of the business.”

Mr. Chinmay Khole, General Manager Tata Cummins Ltd said “While starting new business an entrepreneur should focus on scope and limitation of the business then accordingly use their schedule and resources.”

The post lunch sessions started with address by Mr. Vikas Joshi, CEO & Founder, Harbinger Group folowed by a panel discussion. The participants in the discussion were Dr Vikas Joshi, Founder and CEO Harbinger Group, Mr. Chanakya Joshi, Founder GetAConnect.in, Mr. Prashant Phatak, Founder CEO Valency Networks and Dr. Ravindra Utgikar, VP corporate Strategy and Marketing Praj Industries Ltd.

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