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Review: Who doesn’t enjoy a plateful of grilled goodness? In Pune, if anyone is asked for recommendations for a place to enjoy some good steak, the first name that comes to mind is Pune’s infamous Mad House Grill. Over the course of the past few years, Mad House Grill has become synonymous with the paradise for steak lovers. Benefiting from being one of the oldest steakhouses in Pune, Mad House Grill has been constantly evolving, yet retaining the fresh flavors that the steakhouse is known for.

Hammered Bistecca
                 Hammered Bistecca
fish in chilli oil
                            Fish in Chilli Oil









Understanding the Indian Palette, they have a section for Indian Grills that are served with salad and fries. Their salads are a meal in itself, the Southern Fried Chicken salad being one our most enjoyed.

Mad House Grill has always been a favourite spot for vegetarians too, with a vibrant and unbelievably delicious vegetarian menu, with steak and flavorful open sandwich options. From pairing the right sauce and sides with the steak, to delivering the perfect grill for whichever steak you order, there are almost no way one could go wrong here.

The main course is an elaborate menu; you will never get such variety anywhere else in Pune. The vegetarians could try many options like GrilledVeggies, Crepe Florentine, PaneerShashlik and many more. The non-vegetarian options for main course are spread across four pages. The varieties available makes you always wonder what to order. Each and every item on the menu is just brilliant!

Grilled Cottage Cheese
         Grilled Cottage Cheese

We tried the following

Pepper Mustard Chicken – a very popular dish at Mad House Grill, this one has Chicken Steak served in a creamy mustard based sauce, served with grilled potatoes and tossed salad. A must try, especially if you have a palette for the mustard flavor.

        Pepper Mustard Chicken

Special Mix Grill – Another much loved dish! This one is Beef, Chicken and Lamb Grill   served with two sauces, herb rice and salad. Heaven for meat lovers!

         Special Mix Grill

The pictures seen here are half portions as we requested for the same.

Veg Marinara Baguette – a medley of fresh veggies in marinara topped with lots of cheese! A blast of flavors in the mouth!

Veg Marinara Baguette

Apart from being the home to some of the most delectable steaks, Mad House Grill is also home to a variety of other meals and even desserts. The open sandwiches are new on the menu and a must try. You could definitely try out the Pesto Cottage Cheese which has Crusty slices of bread with melted cottage cheese and pesto paired with juicy seasoned veggies or the Italian Baguette Sandwich.  Another option to try out is the Mad Hot Dog, which is served with crunchy potato fries and farm fresh salad tossed in a yummy dressing. The new sandwiches on the menu that are a must-try are the Prawns Brioche Buns, Grilled Chicken and Cheese, Tuna Roll, Chicken Roll, Cottage Cheese and Pesto Ciabatta, Roast Beef with caramelized onions, Celery and Cheese Sandwich, Egg Salad Roll and Hummus & Pita. The Prawns Brioche Buns are highly recommended.

Pesto Cottage Cheese
                  Pesto Cottage Cheese
Chicken Salad Roll
                                  Chicken Salad Roll










The other items on the menu that are new are the Veg/Chicken/Prawns sliders, Steak Burger, Southern FriedBurger, Veggie Burger, Chicken PattyBurger, Chilli Dog and Hot Dog!

Mad Hot Dog
                        Mad Hot Dog

Keeping the décor simple, yet elegant and classy, Mad House Grill shall always remain one of Pune’s favorite spots. The quaint familiar feeling at the steakhouse, the unfaltering dishes along with customer loyalty have contributed in sealing Mad House Grill as one of Pune’s iconic steakhouses.

Roast Chicken
                      Roast Chicken

Source: PuneNightLife.in

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