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February 2020: Roadtrips take you to places and nothing can be more adventurous than to explore the rugged landscapes of Mongolia. A landlocked country of East Asia full of plains, deserts, rivers, mountains and wilderness. Embarq has a very unique road trip planned where you get a chance to drive in your own vehicle from India to Mongolia across 6 countries in 30 days. The plan is designed in a way that it lets you choose any leg on the trip that fits your calendar. Afterall, Embarq would only like for you to get in touch with your true self and experience the nomadic culture of the rugged country firsthand.

There are three options to pick from:

  • May 1st-10th 2020 – India to Thailand, self-drive overland journey 

Drive your own vehicle across the friendship bridge into Myanmar to explore the rustic landscapes, the famous 50 iron bridges, the UNESCO site of Bagan and much more, to drive up to Bangkok in Thailand.

  • May 15th-30th 2020 – China to Mongolia, 2 countries in 15 days 

Fly into China and join the convoy. Don’t miss the chance to visit the panda park, terracotta warriors’ museum, largest fall on the yellow river and last but not the least the great wall of China before going on to explore Mongolia.

  • May 26th-June 6th 2020 – 10-day Mongolian adventure  

Fly into Mongolia and drive around in the 4×4 SUV’s to explore the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, famous cliffs of the Gobi desert, the mountains along the Khuvsgul lake with a camping experience next to the soulful water body. Also, explore the vibrant culture and the magnificent monasteries located in this place. Not to mention the great hospitality of the Mongolians which is an unmissable honour.

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